Monday, December 11, 2006

The mistakes of our fathers...

I just finished watching an episode of Scrubs where Zach Braff's character, J.D.'s father has died. I am a little too pissed and sad to go into much detail about the episode but there's a scene where they're talking about how proud his dad was of him. I've been sitting here for ten minutes trying to think of a time my father told me he was proud of me. I am aware that this may be juvenile for a 29 year old to be mopey about his dead father never saying the words, "Son, I'm proud of you".

But fuck it all I am.

I know deep down in my heart my father was on some level proud of me, but goddamnit would it have fucking killed him to say it every once in a while. We don't need father's who are emotionally detached from their sons, regardless of what the fucking macho man clubs say in this country. We need fathers who are willing to sit their sons on their laps and tell them they love them, that they're proud of them and that they're sorry when they fuck up.

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