Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Collapse of a Dynasty

Former President Bush sobs as he praises Jeb

One of the news shows last night were discussing this breakdown by Bush 41 as he was praising his son Jeb. What was really interesting is that one of the commentators was suggesting that perhaps the reason for this breakdown was because after the horrendous job his older son Dubya has done Jeb will never get his chance.

I've had this thought before about how the Bush family dynamic might be. Here you have Bush 41 who has created this legacy in U.S. politics. He has two sons who have taken up political lives, the older of the two boys has been falling back on his family name and father his entire life and the other son has worked hard and earned the respect of a state. Despite the father's desires to see his younger son in the White House it's the older one that gets the first shot. The rest of the story is fairly predictable.

It really is a shame. As a former resident of Florida I can honestly say that Jeb Bush is a substantially better leader than his brother. He's intelligent when he speaks and is respected by Republicans and Democrats alike. Honestly though I don't think this country will elect another Bush anytime soon. The commentator did say last night that he did think a McCain/Bush ticket would be very interesting.

I'd have to say I agree.

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